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Understanding Severe Weather, Watches & Warnings

Severe Weather

Some Facts about Thunderstorms:

- Storms may occur singly, in clusters, or in lines

- Ten percent of storms are severe - high winds and hail
- Storms typically produce heavy rain for a brief period
- Warm, humid conditions are favorable for storm development

- A typical thunderstorm is 15 miles in diameter and lasts for about 30 minutes
- Severe thunderstorms can produce large hail or have winds of at least 58 mph
- Some wind gusts can exceed 100 mph and produce tornado-like damage


Types of Weather Warnings

Weather Warning

- A dangerous weather or event is occurring or imminent

- Likely significant threat to life or property
- Take protective action immediately

Weather Watch

- Weather conditions are favorable for a hazardous weather event

- Stay alert to changing conditions

- Make alternate plans

- Be aware of possible shelter or evacuation routes

Weather Advisory

- Less hazardous weather conditions or less specific locations

- Weather may still pose significant inconvenience, damage or injury

- Situations are possible that could threaten life or property

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